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Pete B (DAT)

Dear Solomon,

Over the summer, I prepared for the DAT (Dental Admission Test), and the chemistry section was a joke after having learned it with you while taking CHE 131 and CHE 132.  After just refreshing my knowledge, I was able to score in the 100 percentile on the general chemistry section- a perfect 30/30!  I just  wanted to thank you once again, and I hope that you continue teaching  so that the dreams of others can become a reality as well.



Tatsiana M.

Hi, Solomon!!!

This is Tatsiana M., if you remember, I was in your physics 122 group. I never got a chance to thank you for all of the help and time you dedicated to me and the rest of the students! You truly are the #1 Tutor!!!!
I know this because in the first semester of physics 121 I got a C. Now, in physics 122 thanks to your help, I have an A in physics!!!!  And I am so happy, because studying physics was hard for me, because I don't have any background in it. (I never took physics in highschool).  If it did not happen to me, I would never believe that one person can make such a difference!
All of the lectures and the review sessions combined taught by our  two professors, cannot compare to even an hour of your review! They always try to make it their priority to give us understanding of the problem, not just have us memorize the solutions. For me, they never achieved that goal. You, on the other hand, make every topic so easy! I know that the knowledge gained from your tutoring will not end with the end of the semester.  You have a really special talent in teaching. I truly believe that its unique and it is very unfortunate that professors of your like are rare nowadays. You've made physics interesting for me and gave me enough motivation and passion to want to study physics. Instead, last semester I hated physics with passion.

I wish you knew how much I regret not going to your tutoring sessions last fall for physics 121! At first I thought I would be able to do it myself, because on the first exam I got a B+, but when i realized i needed help, it was already too late. Now I tell all of my friends to  come to your reviews and not wait.

So, thank you, Solomon, so much! I really wish and hope that soon your kindness and dedication to your students will be repaid tenfold!  But for now, keep up the good work and, please, if you ever become a professor, don't ever change your style of teaching!!!!

Pedram K.

Hi Solomon, 

Thanks a lot for the help you provided us. You truly gave us a lot of assistance with Physics over the past 2 semesters, especially with the poor methods of the instructors  who expect us to teach physics to ourselves independently through a CD. Just to let you know, I got a 90 on the final and an A in the course, and Prof. Stephens e-mailed me personally telling me I had the 5th highest cumulative average in the course!! Without your tutoring, I don't think I could have achieved that on my own. Once again, thanks a lot!

Pete B.

Hey Solomon,

I aced General Chemistry with an A. I just wanted to thank you for not only teaching me chemistry, but making me enjoy it. I truly appreciate the countless hours that you put in to help all of your students- it shows that you really do care about our success. Have a great summer!

Thanks again,