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Boot Camp is a new concept in tutoring, developed in response to a recent upward trend in exam difficulty at Stony Brook (particularly in Physics). As the name implies, Boot Camp is thorough & demanding interactive training for serious students looking to achieve their best possible results.  Boot Camp will benefit any student, regardless of background or aptitude in the subject. I make only one basic but essential assumption: You are a serious student, willing to work hard and sacrifice in order to achieve top results.

The Boot Camp will be offered for each Exam (Midterms and the Final). It will consist typically of four Intros (each one covering different material) and two Reviews (each one reviewing different material). 

Intros: The Intros will typically be scheduled well in advance of the upcoming Exam. You will be expected to have read the appropriate Study Notes (posted on the website) prior to attending the Intro. I believe it is important for me to get to know my students (their individual strengths and weaknesses in the subject) and also to create a comfortable supportive learning environment. I encourage you to ask me any questions that come up during the session itself or from your reading of the Study Notes (or from lecture, homework etc.) During the Intro, I will carefully and patiently explain all important concepts and problem-solving strategies. Since you will have already read the Study Notes, I will be able to progress to actual exam-level difficulty problem-solving during the Intro. You will be presented with actual Old Exam problems and given an opportunity to solve each problem. Afterwards, I will solve and discuss each problem on the blackboard, and answer any questions related to it. 

Reviews: During the Reviews, many additional exam-level difficulty problems will be presented and discussed. You should come expecting to be asked to solve such problems. I will give you roughly 5-10 minutes to solve a problem (approx. the time you will have per problem on the actual test). Then I will discuss the problem on the blackboard. I will carefully choose problems to ensure you are maximally-prepared for any exam , no matter how difficult! But this will require that, prior to the Review, you have already worked out and carefully studied problems discussed in earlier Intros and in the Study Notes.  

Scheduling of Boot CampTutoring Sessions will be done cooperatively with the students who have signed up, to ensure minimal conflicts.

All  Tutoring Sessions will be Boot Camp Tutoring Sessions. That means: Only students who have signed up for the Boot Camp may even attend any Tutoring Session. In this way, you are ensured that no critical time will be wasted re-explaining simpler concepts (that you have already mastered) for the benefit of students who left things for the last minute.  No such students will even be present.